Chemical Formula of Potassium Fluoride

Chemical formula of potassium fluoride is KF.  Potassium fluoride comes under the class of compounds called 'alkali metal halides'. Alkali metals belong to the group 1 and have elements ranging from Lithium to Francium. These elements when combine with the elements of group 7, which are called 'halogens' to form ‘alkali metal halides’. Potassium fluoride is a typical example of an alkali metal halide.

Potassium fluoride comprises of the two elements - potassium and fluoride. The molecular weight of potassium fluoride is 58.09. This is available mainly as colorless and odorless crystals but other forms like solutions of different concentration and also anhydrous potassium fluoride are also available with the suppliers. There are different grades available in the market according to the percentage of potassium fluoride present in the content. Best quality of potassium fluoride has 99% of the compound. Extra pure potassium fluoride is also available with certain suppliers.

Potassium fluoride may contain a very minor fraction of potassium chloride as impurity. In order to prevent decomposition it is advised not to overheat the compound, but under normal conditions it is stable. Potassium fluoride can cause corrosion to metals. Reaction with metals gives off hydrogen. Potassium fluoride is also not advised to store in glass containers. This is because the compound can form stable and insoluble flurosilicates with glass and hence cause etching of glass containers.

As everywhere else, the existence of fluoride ion in the chemical formula of potassium fluoride makes this more reactive and hence corrosive. Potassium fluoride is toxic when inhaled or swallowed. Hence precautions should be taken while dealing with this chemical.